Nick Baker

Nurse, Adventure Travel Guide, and Mentor in San Francisco, California

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ER Nurse, International Travel Guide, Camp Counselor, Adventurer, Mentor, Enjoyer of Life! Nick Baker is a Bay Area native who studied graphic design at UC Davis before beginning a career as an adventure travel guide leading luxury hiking and cycling vacations throughout the United States, Ireland and Iceland. His personal travels have brought him to all seven continents with highlights including: teaching art in Russia, playing basketball in Scotland, and washing dishes at a research station in Antarctica. After studying nursing at UCSF in 2009, Nick began career as an Emergency Room Nurse in San Francisco. While more firmly rooted these days, volunteer nursing has led him to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, to a rural clinic in Tanzania, and he currently serves as the Camp Nurse at Camp Grounded (a tech-free summer camp for adults). Nick loves seasonally appropriate road trips, photography, plunging in cold water, cooking big meals in his tiny kitchen, random acts of kindness and hosting concerts in unique venues.