Ryan Baker

Hi, it's nice to meet you.

I haven't done nearly enough in my life but I have gotten started. With a little help and a lot of work, I'll never stop exploring.

I am a Corporate Residency Masters of Business Administration student at Dalhousie University and that is way more exciting than it sounds. We say CRMBA for short – time management skills are a must.

It's not all humour though. I love to laugh but I equally love a challenge. Football and lacrosse at Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa and here at Dal during undergrad showed me that winning is hard. It's very hard. The right team, the right leader, the right leadership style: they are all ingredients to success.

Novelty is important and restlessness motivational but loyalty is always an anchor. I strive to surround myself with people too energetic for their own good; who know it, and have brilliant ideas because of it. I also want the opposite. Contrast in thought - the lack of polarity – is the best way to produce novelty.

When tackling problems of unknown unknowns, it's best to be creative and adaptive. Admitting you've taken the wrong path only helps you find others.

That's why I keep exploring.