JG Franz

Carson, California

I am a California boy. Well, old man now. Born and lived in Long Beach, CA 40 years. I was adopted at birth by a middle-aged, very Catholic, very Roosevelt Democrat couple. Only child. The first and best day of my life. They taught me what it meant to be a liberal, what it meant to be an American. Taught me to be compassionate, forgiving, accepting and peaceful. Taught me to stand up for what is right and just, in my personal, business and political life.

Politics is in my blood. It isn't the drama, although, these days there's plenty to go around. It's my responsibility as a citizen to know what my government is doing. My elected representatives are my face to the world. It is the duty of every American to be watchdog and whistleblower. My Dad gave me a bumper sticker in the 70's that read: "Always question all authority always". I take that to heart.

I "tried" to be a writer in Junior College. Switched my major to Journalism, wrote for the school paper, and quit. Don't know why. And, here I am, many years later, fancying myself a writer again. And it has to be politics. Hope I can bring a smile to your face, or piss you off.