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S & S Bakery

S & S Bakery has served up the best bakery goods to the San Diego area for over 17 years. They offer a wide variety of baked goods, breads, breakfast items, and cakes. Their experienced staff and employees diligently prepare and deliver their products to their customers.

Under the leadership of Jesse and Steven Fadick, the company got its start more than 20 years ago. At that time, they offered goods made by Martinos Bakery from Burbank, CA. By 1986, they decided to relocate to San Diego in an effort to appeal to the market there.

However, as time went by, Martinos Bakery declined in quality. The Fadicks sensed continuing the partnership could prove detrimental. At a crossroads, Jesse and Steven decided it was time to open their own bakery. They proudly opened their first location in 1994.

They started small, only having 1900 square feet of space to work in. Mostly due to lack of space, they only offered fresh donuts. This did not, however, stop the company from growing.

S&S Bakery grew incredibly fast. They eventually amassed many pieces of baking equipment. This allowed them to begin preparing more baked goods for their customers. Because of their growth, they chose to move their location again.

In 1997, they opened their street-side shop in downtown San Diego. The new facility allotted them much more space to create their products. Soon, they developed business relationship with all sorts of institutions, like schools and catering companies.

Eventually moving once more in 2002, the companied has thrived. They now staff their facility with more than 80 employees. And, of course, their standards of business sit well above FDA expectations. Their customers, both personal and business, enjoy their wide range of products. From breads to cakes to donuts, S & S Bakery offers every single customer the very best in bakery products.