nadeem bakhsh

I'm also a scientist and technology freak. Working on humanitarian, philanthropic and nonprofit projects, my goal is to make the world user friendly. I believe that will be best achieved through 'Social Good', by enabling anyone to easily participate.

I've studied Bioinformatics, Economics, Electronic Technologies, User Experience and am a strong believer of biomimicry. One day, I hope to study some philosophy and psychology too.

I speak Geek, English, Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri. I understand conversational French and Arabic too. I'm originally from Kashmir, India, born in Manchester, UK and a citizen of Saudi Arabia. I've lived in Saudi, England, and now live in Dubai. I led UX design and QA at and managed the product development process while the social business expanded from Dubai English, 20M pageviews/month and 850K users to 35 cities across 14 MENA countries, 150M pageviews/month and 4M users.

Let's cloud, crowd and collaborate!