Baki Karaçay

Public Manager, PCM Teacher, and Photography Teacher in Antalya

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Coordinator at work, caring about professionalism, knowledge and experience. Freedom lover in spirit and passionate by nature. Born and studied in snowy, historical town of Erzurum in Northeast Turkey. Currently living and working in hot Mediterranean city of Antalya, following a decade in Istanbul and Ankara. Over 20 years of professional experience in planning and project management as an Engineer, the last 6 years being in public management with Masters degree (MPA). Head of Unit, multilateral EU Projects Coordinator and certified PCM Trainer at CEUPA since 2009. Love skiing, hiking, photography, playing baglama (Turkish folk music instrument). Read a lot on popular science, mysticism, psychology. Lucky to have visited many countries in Europe and Asia, and lived in the US (Visiting Scholar at NSCU). For more, visit Professional works found at CEUPA, LinkedIn and messages on Twitter; while photographs on Google , Facebook, 500px, Instagram and others linked below.

  • Work
    • EU Projects Coordinator
  • Education
    • Akdeniz University
    • Ataturk University