English Writing


Planning on studying abroad? Writing a cover letter? Filling in a job application? Preparing for IELTS exam?

First of all, writing is not just about grammar. In today's globalized world you have to use apropriate vocabulary and clear structure to make yourself stand out. You might be the best student ever, but it still might not be good enough, unless you demonstrate it effectivelly on a piece of paper.

I am here to get you started, brainstorm ideas and make you realise your relevant strenghts. I will also analyse your drafts, make corrections and point out potential improvements.

For IELTS practice, I provide a personalised study plan after assessing your level of English and specific needs.

About me

With five years of professional experience within the UK higher education sector and career advice, I have all the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

In my time at the United Kingdom, I have been a member of recruitment panels, scholarship panels and worked closely with admissions officers. I also have an extensive experience of working with international students. As a member of the UK International Students Committee I was involved in projects on immigration laws and the overall internatioanl students' experience.


For more information e-mail mateusz.r.wysocki@gmail.com

  • Work
    • Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy's Writing Center
  • Education
    • University of Bradford, United Kingdom