A. Balasubramanian

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

A. Balasubramanian

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

`Who am I ?

A fun loving person who is passionate to share on what makes me to smile, feel optimistic about the future and at times reflect on how we can make the world a better place with lots of well intended satire

What do I do?

A Project Financier turned PPP lawyer to inject and unlock value in infrastructure projects by assisting in negotiation, arbitration or litigation. Resolving infrastructure issues draws on my analytic strengths and is intellectually stimulating and emotionally fulfilling. I am keen to contribute to legal advocacy by making law less intimidating to the common man .

My touch points

I am proud of my moorings in Trichy in Tamilnadu in India and believe that they have shaped my values and drive in life. I always look for ways to reconnect with Trichy and be of use.

My coordinates: bala.a7@gmail.com

you can tweet me at https://twitter.com/baalaaw

you can link me in at http://www.linkedin.com/in/baalaaw

You can google plus me at https://plus.google.com/115792618306857544398/about?partnerid=gplp0

  • Work
    • Infrastrcuture bonds credit rating at ICRA
  • Education
    • Bharathidasan Institute of Management
    • Institute Of Cost Accountants Of India (ICAI)
    • University of Wales
    • National Law University, Delhi
    • Central University of Pondicherry