Performance Evangelist in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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I am Balaji. I am a strategist, performance guy, planner, solutioner, number cruncher, glorified assistant, all rolled into one. Jack of all trades? Maybe I am just trying to master the moment, eh!

Thinker or doer, I am a lot of both! Everything I do are defined by my values.

I am always looking for something do (anything new excites me and I jump head on into it.) My general exuberance can be little off putting. So don’t take it to heart, I mean well.

I like a good argument. So if you want to talk it out, be ready to really talk...a lot.

The future is coming, the present is HERE!

  • Work
    • Work. Absolutely, I need bread too...and the wine!
  • Education
    • Educated enough to make a difference