Balaji Industries, Ahmedabad

We are “Balaji Industries”, one of the most reputed and renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of Industrial Dyes. We are considered as most trusted brand in the field of Industrial Dyes includes reactive hot dyes, reactive He dyes and reactive Me dye. We have been serving the industry for over many years and during our operation time in the industry we have left no stone unturned to serve our customers. Owing to our hard work and sincere efforts we have never disappointed our customers and have always come up with solutions to their grievances and needs.

Our wide range of Industrial Dyes includes Reactive Orange Dye, Reactive Yellow Dye, Reactive Red Dye, Reactive Black Dye, Reactive Hot Dyes, Reactive HE Dyes, Reactive ME Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Fabric Dyes, Inkjet Dyes and Acid Dyes. Our ability to timely meet customer's wants and provide full customer satisfaction through our sound customer relationships and high quality products. We produce all of our dyes with latest technology and finest raw material while adhering to international norms. All of our dyes are Eco-friendly and are non-hazardous. We have developed a large customer base, which result us for our high quality standards.