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Bala Musrif

Bala joined a technology college straight out of high school, and got exposure to computer software and hardware at a very young age. He built a robot as his college project that eventually landed him a job at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) when he was still a teenager.

After a few years of working at ISRO, he switched his focus from research to commercial software and joined Wipro Systems as a software consultant. He traveled all over the world providing software consulting services to world class research labs like Bell Northern Research (Nortel). His passion for java technologies landed him a job at Sun Microsystems where he gained extensive technology and managerial experience in clustering and internet technologies.

Bala started his own self-funded company Eventbee in 2003. As a first time entrepreneur, Bala is very successful in positioning Eventbee as one of the leading ticketing platforms, and brought pricing disruption to the events industry with $1 FLAT fee per ticket model, regardless of ticket price and currency!

Growing up, Bala was involved in many diverse activities, represented his school in science fairs & sports meets. As part of National Cadet Corps (NCC), he camped across India, including Himalayan foothills that gave him an opportunity to learn diversity of India. Bala enjoys playing badminton, salsa dancing, movies and music. Bala graduated in Electronics & Communications from the Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers - New Delhi, and holds a Diploma in Computer Science from Govt. Polytechnic - Hyderabad and Marketing Management from UCSC.