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Balance Core Physiotherapy Centre focus on providing both short term and long term relief of pain and dysfunctions for 3 groups of problems: chronic pain, scoliosis, and sports injuries. Our comprehensive approach aims to clearly identify the root problems behind the complains and optimize physical perfomance and freedom in activities. It is very different from healthcare practices that usually only address the presenting complains only. In fact usually when one person has pain from several locations of the body, the problems are usually related. Because the person is using the whole body to perform physical tasks. Errors in movement or posture habits lead to certain parts of body been overloaded, while some other parts gets neglected. These habitual errors if is not been identified and rectified, will lead to recurrnace of pain and gradual degenerations of certain parts. Our approach aims to restore the body's healthy movement and postural habits, so that each individual get to utilize the body in the best way.