Julie Griffis, PT

Experience the other side of Healing through Integrating Bodywork, Movement, and Expressive Arts for Complete Transformation. For many people in today's society, our bodies have become an obstacle to overcome, a hindrance and sometimes even an annoyance. We too often interpret unpleasant sensations or undesirable states of health as being "sick" and therefore, "bad." This only serves to build a solid wall between head and heart, mind and body, and as a result, we waste vast amounts of energy battling out the conflict between the two. The key to complete healing is to begin to develop a nurturing and symbiotic relationship with our bodies again. It is important to become more aware and in tune with the constant, vital and valuable information our bodies give us every moment of every day. As we begin to understand and nurture the information our bodies provide, we can translate that information into giving our bodies and souls what they need right now to be most expansive. It is then, and only then, that we become thankful for every sensation we experience even those that at one time were deemed "unpleasant." What would it be like to experience every "body state" from a place of accepting and appreciation? What would it be like to feel connected and in love with your body instead of "trapped" and "enslaved" by it? To know, really know, that sensations are simply a means of getting a more intuitive form of information. It is simply a process of awareness and understanding. Learning how to listen to what your body is saying and acting on that information in a positive, nurturing and responsive way. That's the process that is facilitated by integrating different forms of physical movement, bodywork, expressive arts and energetic therapies to achieve a personalized and effective approach to complete healing. Namaste