Ceret Knott

Creating, organizing, and styling will always be done with "Passion".

The passion for fashion has been deeply rooted in my heart since I was a child. I was greatly influenced by my mother because she possessed a phenomenal gift for accessorizing. My mother had a stellar shoe collection and she was very meticulous in the way she chose and wore her clothing. My mother encouraged me to be open minded and free spirited when it came to fashion decisions and shopping. One the highlights of my life, was our Saturday mornings shopping ventures, which may have been something as simple as a pair of earrings, a special hat for church, or something as complex as a tailored suit. I continue to ponder these memories which I attribute to the reason my passion for fashion is still flaming within.

My life was changed forever on August 30, 2011 when I lost my mother. My mother had great dreams and even wanted to start up her own business. Unfortunately she never had the financial resources or the opportunity to see her dream come to fruition. In spite of this she always encouraged me never to settle and to always pursue my passions. She had the desire to be an entrepreneur but never acted upon it, instead she faithfully worked for the State Department for 32 years. I realized that she sacrificed true happiness and the fulfillment of her passions to meet the needs of our family.

I transformed the tragedy of my mother’s death into motivation. I decided to live life and fulfill every dream I have in me. In pursuit of this, I resigned from my own Government position after eight year of employment. I am no longer chasing money for a living. Instead I am chasing my dreams, and will allow the money to follow me.

My goal is create and provide services for my clients on a personal level. I want to allow every aspect of my growth and development to be utilized to fulfill the creative needs of my clients.