Karen Jane Wright

New York, New York

When people see 'holistic' in my title, they think I'm all 'woo-woo' (this is a word now), and probably spend my time rubbing crystals, burning sage, and chanting in tongues. I may or may not do some of these things privately, but my approach with clients is totally grounded in practicality and efficiency. 'Holistic' simply means whole, and a holistic approach takes into consideration ALL the parts that make up the body and the person in question, not just the specific ailment. You can spend hours working out or obsessing over food, but you'll never achieve authentic health if you don't examine the habits and behaviors that are standing in your way.

Most people, myself included, need an occasional ass-kicking and a lot more accountability and objective support when making those examinations. Whole health is not a quick fix, it's a shift in attitude put into action. I guide my clients through this process toward living their healthiest, happiest, most productive lives.

When not working or working out, I'm reading up on and trying out the latest trends in food and fitness, running the tragically flat streets of NYC, or getting out of the city for some fresh air and new adventure.

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    • Balance: Body, Mind, Life
  • Education
    • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • Umass Boston
    • Chatham High School