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Hollow back - Starting position: Rise directly. Squeeze your hands into fists and put them on the lower back. Take a deep breath and, with his hands on

waist, bent backward decayed back. On the exhale, return to starting position and relax your muscles. Repeat several times. Do not try to make a "bridge", grow taller 4 idiots review

your lower back is unlikely to enjoy.
The slopes of the feet - Starting position: Rise directly. Take a deep breath, lean forward and take hold of the ankle. Try to pull the body to the knees,

helping himself with his hands. Straining every muscle and hold this position a few seconds. Then exhale release your hands and relax all the muscles.
The optimum age for motherhood - Leading expert on reproductive health said that the optimal period for childbirth in women is under the age of 35 years,

reports The Huffington Post, when this professor expressed concern common trend among modern women to postpone the decision to start a family at a later

"Women still have to reckon with their biological limit to fertility. 35 years - this is the point at which our internal clock strikes midnight, and the Introduction To Dr. Darwin Smith

chances of motherhood sharply reduced due to loss of chromosomes that occur in the" old "ovum" . According to Mary Herbert, over time, a woman not only

reduces the number of eggs, but also their quality deteriorates. Chromosomal abnormalities lead to infertility, stillbirth and birth defects such as Down syndrome.