Alaric Holmes

Alaric Holmes

I graduated college with a bachelor's degree in functional linguistics in 2009. I attempted to go to graduate school in 2011 for Communication Disorders and Sciences (speech-language pathology), but health concerns forced me to leave after only a couple of months. And so I am in the process of trying to figure all of these things out and determine exactly where my life will go from here, as soon as "here" is no longer a place of constant physical pain.

I am an atheist, although not a materialist, and a feminist -- feminism being the only subset of "humanism" that relates to gender-issues; as I live in a patriarchal, male-normative society -- The United States of America -- supporting "men's rights" is no less ludicrous than supporting "white rights" in regard to racial issues; we (white men) already have preeminent rights.

I am an ardent liberal -- some might classify me as a "angry liberal," and that would not be entirely inaccurate -- and my sociopolitical beliefs are mostly based on reality and real-world results rather than theories and mythologies (although I freely admit that I may have fallen into the trappings of mythology without knowing it and I welcome constructive attempts to dispell those illusions).

I am an amateur musician as well; I play the guitar and sing.

I blog about issues that are of interest to me, even if they don't directly affect me, and I hope that, even if we disagree, I might at least make you think!