Bobby Burt Jr

Writing, Gaming, and Computers in Wilson Arkansas

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You should never judge a book by its cover. As dark and withdrawn as I may appear to be that's far from the case. Although I can be a very quiet person who takes time alone to reflect, I am a very sincere and kind person. I love to make the people in my life laugh. I am very easy to talk to. I take being a friend very seriously and though I may not have lots of them I treasure the ones I do have. I love to write poetry and I have since I was 14. The majority of my work is in my notebooks laying about but some of it can be found on and on my facebook page. My writing ranges from romantic dreams to feeling of loneliness and testimonies to those I hold dear. I love reading others poetry and hope to one day do some collaborations with other writers. I also love gaming. From retro all the way up to modern. I don't have just one specific genre of games I like. I play Hearthstone, Warframe, Splintercell, and Diablo 3 just to name a few. I like to work on computers and small electronics on the side as well. It is my hopes to become a published poet and or writer someday.