Balboa Capital

Balboa Capital Corp. assists small and medium businesses in obtaining the equipment they require to enlarge operations and become more profitable. With the motto, One Source. One Contact. One Solution., Balboa Capital manages equipment lease financing in a variety of commercial sectors, as well as negotiating with vendors to provide short-term financing. Balboa Capital has enabled in excess of $1 billion in equipment leases throughout its 22-year history. Balboa Capital’s dedicated account managers ensure personalized terms for each financing agreement. Clients speak to the same account executive from the time of the initial quote to the finalization of the equipment lease or loan. Minimizing processing issues, Balboa Capital’s staff often reviews and approves financing applications on the same day the firm receives the forms. In addition to equipment services, Balboa Capital offers eligible customers merchant cash advances near the total amount of their monthly credit and debit card sales. Balboa Capital qualifies customers in part by determining that clients work from a designated physical location, have operated for more than 12 months, and possess several months of processing statements to verify cash flow amounts. With the paperwork completed, Balboa Capital generally provides funding to clients within 6 business days; for established customers, this process can be reduced to 72 hours. Balboa Capital offers patrons the flexibility of using cash advances to grow businesses. The firm’s cash advance recipients have utilized the money to incorporate office and plant renovations; fund marketing and advertising initiatives; pay taxes; purchase needed inventory; and manage payroll. In this way, Balboa Capital actively promotes the continued success of the businesses it serves. For further details on the specific tailored packages Balboa Capital offers, visit the company’s website at