Bald Guy Greetings

Bald Guy Greetings is a boutique greeting card company based in San Francisco, California. Right now, Bald Guy Greetings is comprised of two employees; Ian Kalman writes the cards and Sean Farrell illustrates them. But it should be noted, that they plan on adding a 3rd employee within the next 4 years. The idea behind Bald Guy Greetings is to offer the greeting card buyer a funny card that they actually will find funny. We have nothing against sappy, overly sentimental cards. In fact, we love it when our grandmothers give us one. We just don’t want to have to look our friends in the eye after handing them a card with pastel flowers on the front and a poem about a hummingbird inside. We want to give someone a card that looks and sounds like it’s coming from us. And that’s exactly what a Bald Guy Greeting is. A refreshingly honest, sometimes brutal, always sarcastic, but nevertheless very caring card. A card company that tells it like it is.