Tom "Bald Dog" Varjan

Are you tired of dialling for dollars

and roaming the land to find doors to bang on in the hope of meeting some price-obsessed procurement agents who take mercy on you, and buy your products and services... provided your prices are low enough and you’re willing to dance to the beat of their drums?

Hi, I’m Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan, and I work with privately owned IT companies that want to transform their operation from competitively-priced fungible vendors to recognised, respected and sought-after premium priced industrial authorities.

We all have our secret sauces.

Considering that it’s sellers who create sales resistance,

using my 16 years experience in the high tech industry as an engineer, project manager and technical buyer, I craft business development strategies, write copy and implement tactics that are in alignment with buyers’ buying processes.

This approach enables my clients to cherry-pick the cream of the crop of their target markets. You know, the 20% that wield 80% of market’s total the buying power.

Which nowadays is pretty much 5% of the industry wielding 95% of the money.

So, let’s focus on connecting with real buyers with real projects and real budgets.

Let’s focus on changing the game from maniacal pursuit of clients to magnetic attraction of perfect clients!

Let’s focus on building a sales machine instead of just another sales force!

Let’s focus on transforming your salespeople from dreaded street peddlers to respected experts.

You can start by grading your company on the Vendor-Authority continuum. That could be a pretty good first step.

"Raise your sights, blaze new trails, compete with the immortals!"