Baldev Singh

Dr Baldev Singh currently heads the Strategic ICT Developments at Imagine Education Ltd. He was the head of ICT in large secondary school in Bristol (UK) and was the recipient of 2004 National Teaching Award for Innovation in Education. Baldev sits on the UK national teaching awards judging panel and is also a judge for BETT and the Education Awards (UK).

Baldev was involved in teacher training (both in the UK and overseas) and completed a ICT teacher training programme on behalf of the British Council in 6 countries in the Middle East region (NENA project) and more recently in India. Baldev has been an invited keynote speaker at various international conferences where he shares his experience of global trends in education and implications for teaching and learning. He has been engaged in education reform /ICT projects in Singapore, India, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, India, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Algeria, Libya and many schools/education authorities in the UK.

Baldev also works as a consultant for the Science Learning Centres in the UK to develop courses which will develop engaged science teaching and learning using creative technologies. Baldev has worked as consultant many commercial organisations some of which include Channel 4 education team, Tesco, Morgan Stanley, Promethean, Learning skills network on developing e-learning material for use in schools. Baldev has also advised British Airways on the creation of content for their learning centre in London. He has recently completed work with the MOE in Peru related with the One Lap per Child Initiative.

Baldev has worked with Microsoft on their innovative schools, teachers and pre-service programs. He recently completed training for Microsoft in Redmond and Mexico city on their teacher training programs.