Brian Baldock

Sussex Oxfordshire Somerset StuttgartGermany.

Now retired Paramedic. Having soon got bored and fat doing little or nothing I have made a lifestyle change and decision. I am currently on the first stage of a year long world tour. With the encouragement of my family and the intensive and extensive care and support of my Sister and Brother in law I am now 42lbs lighter and fitter. Currently staying in Oahu, Hawaii, I am getting ready to leave for the next leg of my adventure on the 17th Oct to Fiji via Samoa. Backpacking on one way tickets all the way for max flexibility and variety I am heading for New Zealand to visit my Niece and family and to tour the Islands extensively taking my time. Hopefully spend Christmas with family before moving on to Australia for the New Year. Living the Dream and loving it.

  • Work
    • Retired Paramedic
  • Education
    • Secondary Modern, numerous Medical Qualifications.