G. B. Versiani

Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Co-founded a company, ComunIP, in 2001. It was considered in 2005 as one of the best projects of G-Lab studies from MIT Sloan School of Management. This same year the company was invested by Novarum Venture Capital Fund. The company undertook an IPO in 2009, being eventually sold to TakeNET.

After the incorporation in 2010, leaded the ”Telco 2.0” project, a new innovative software platform. The project was a joint venture between TakeNET, ComunIP and Inatel, and sponsored by FINEP. Now it became part of the strategy of the company.

I'm now working at Nymgo, a VoIP service provider, headquartered in Luxembourg with two institutional investors on board; Intel Capital (USA) and Abraaj Capital (Dubai).

  • Work
    • Nymgo S.A.
  • Education
    • BSc in Information Systems