Balenciaga Banks

Artist in Miami, Florida

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Rough and real production is absolutely a trait that will get seasoned listeners to take heed and true notice, and Balenciaga Banks' use of it is a very calculated act. In his favorite track from De La Soul, the introspective and dynamic group lament "Mirror, mirror on the wall Tell me, mirror, what is wrong? Can it be my De La clothes Or is it just my De La song?". Knowledge about clothes is something that Balenciaga has major points in as far as the skill and prowess department, since he is an accomplished fashion designer for Perry Ellis International. Known for a full on work ethic and hailing from the industrial and urban kinetic hive of Cincinnati, he has already released 8 mix tapes, and his single "You Mad Bro" gained him tons of notoriety amongst listeners everywhere.

Influenced by books like "From Pawn to King", he embraces how tough it is to come up but utterly rewarding; the raunchy wit and ultra fun humor of "Austin Powers" also inspires him in the film influence arena. Many artists who have achieved pinnacle success have been heavily influenced by their family; Balenciaga claims his aunt, grandfather, mother, and best friend were among the most instrumental in pushing him towards achieving his dreams. In the state of Ohio, King's Island is a landmark that many flock to in the summer, a massive water park and roller coaster connoisseur's dream come true. This is where Balenciaga got his first job, making footlong cheese Coneys. Now that he has risen far above that rung and is ramping up the process on his performing and designing dreams, there are several locations on the globe that he has been to and favors heavily.

As far as in the states, San Francisco was one of his choice locales, a beautiful, hilly metro filled with the most epic Chinatown in the nation and a creative vibe not quite like any other. Also having been to London and Stockholm, Sweden, the beautiful UK and all of Europe is also heavily on his radar. Candidly quoting that "Music cures humans", journeys around the globe can purvey the craft of rhyme to others, when it collides and infuses with wanderlust. His favorite event that he performed at was at the Perry Ellis headquarters in the palm lined city of Miami; The Heat had the "13" trophy on hand and the cheerleaders were rocking out to the fullest.

Known for wearing his signature Decker shoes and also a fan of Armani Jeans dress shoes, he has mad love for Jimmy Choo and Christian Lou's on the feet for the woman that brightens u