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Learn about the ancient folklore remedies from natural rainforest health botanical compounds native to south east Asia in an upcoming documentary series, ANCIENT HERBAL HEALTH SECRETS: ASIA'S FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, filming in HD 16X9 format by one of Pacific Asia's premier Indie HD Producer Director Filmmakers & Content Developers.

Bali Lau Entertainment Media Group is currently in production on a compelling HD documentary series for syndication to the National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel, and broadcast networks including Aljazeera, CPB, CBC, BBC, and Central China Television Network, CCTV.

The core theme is about ancient folklore remedies, unique native herbal compounds and extract products, natural foods as dietary supplement ingredients, holistic massage and natural health & fitness retreats, and the numerous anti-aging botanical rainforest herbs native to the Indochina region.

HD cinematographer-producer, Tom Gunn has an esteemed record of honors and achievement in film, television, music production, and international communications earning a 1989 Emmy Nomination for Best Editing for a Warner Bros/Hallmark Hall of Fame/Viacom production, and several Top 100 Billboard Picks as a composer-writer-publisher and one of the producers of the most successful television infomercial series in history to date. With several decades of hands-on experience as a cinematographer composer, producer, & media design consultant/content developer in Hollywood, his client list spans an impressive array of entertainment communications companies including;

Paramount, Warner Brothers Television, Viacom, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, MGM-UA Worldwide Services, Tri-Star International, New World Pictures, Fox Television Network, CBS Television Network, HBO, National Geographic, American Red Cross, Hughes Satellite Systems, Turner Entertainment Company, and CCTV (Beijing) Central Chinese Television Network, among others.

The exotic travel tours & herbal health video projects are now in production with the holistic herbal series documentary projects and exotic travel tours. Tom is also an avid health & fitness buff currently living in Thailand. Please visit leisure entertainment website, Mobile & web radio station and YouTube Channel for interesting and unusual people, places, and health products.

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