Nassim Balla


Nassim Balla is a graduated architect from the Polytechnic College of Architecture and City Planning (EPAU) with a professional degree in architecture and a research master degree in sustainable development through citizen participation. Nassim has been working for several years now to promote citizenship and youth involvement in the society through different initiatives.

He is currently the MEPI Alumni Algeria chapter coordinator; being himself an alumnus of the MEPI student leaders’ program at the University of Delaware, he works to create a positive added value through activities, training, civic engagement actions with the alumni of the MEPI US state department program; among his actions with the MEPI alumni local chapter: organizing a common conference with the local chapter of Tunis about “Youth Engagement” in Tunis. He is also working as the program manager of the oversea research center: American institute for Maghrib studies (CEMA Algérie).

Nassim has been involved in several youth initiatives, He has been a founding member and the president of the first student’s club of his college (EPAU); the national vice president of AIESEC in Algeria in charge of legal and administrative processes and he is now working in the NYC team on creating the first National Youth Council in Algeria. Nassim has also been actively involved into the TEDx community, being in charge of the sponsoring in the TEDxYouthCasbah and the founder/curator of the TEDxEPAU, Nassim also participated in the TEDxMediteranean gathering in Barcelona and has been a speaker at TEDxTiziOuzou. Finally, he has also worked as a columnist with the youth magazine Oxymore UbuMag, as a teacher, as a trainer and a founding member of the association Ithar.

  • Work
    • CEMA - Middle East Partnership Initiative
  • Education
    • Ecole Polytechnique d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme