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Tianjin China

He is a boy, but always reminds himself that it is time to do a man. His age is not old,some handsome. He always thinks he is not a spoony boy, but he had fell in love with a beautiful girl more than five years, when he was a child. Unfortunately, the two finally parted. But what does it matter,ever loved, together.

When he came to the university, he made a wrong choice to choose the computer professional. Once have choosed, it is very hard to change, but this does not affect him to pursue his dream. He keeps on trying to be in love with this industry. The interest is coming, when you remind yourself, yes, I love it every day, and can get a sense of achievement continuously from the effort! Now, he comes into the database industry ,gets the ocp certificate, and is tring to be a good BDA.

He is concerned about digital products,likes beauty like most men .he works hard and has experience a lot of suffering.

Who is he? It is me!

  • Work
    • College student
  • Education
    • Hebei University of Thcenology