Bally Savings Bank

Bank in Bally, Pennsylvania

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Bally Savings Bank’s mission is to provide every customer with the best personal service and attention possible. We provide our customers within our business area with competitve deposit and loan services. Bally Savings Bank provides mortgage loans primarily to individuals seeking to purchase, build or refinance their homes while giving a competitive rate of return for all funds deposited with us. By focusing on our deposit products – savings accounts and certificates of deposits -- these funds make it possible to grant mortgages which in turn support and strengthen the communities we serve. Bally Savings Bank generally does not lend outside the communities we serve. We will not accept out of state deposits. In following this mission, Bally Savings Bank strives to maintain steady growth, profitability and a strong capital position necessary to allow us to serve our local communities well into the future.


323 Main St, Bally, PA 19503, USA