Bally Uppal

Product & Service Development Manager and Senior Management Consultant in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Bally Uppal is a strategic, forward thinking professional with a balanced combination of strong technical skills and business acumen. Bally has 5+ years of experience in multiple industries from transportation to financial services to ICT to security. He is a continuous learner always looking to expand his diverse toolbox of knowledge as shown with his education in Economics and Policy Analysis (Certificate), Computer Science (B.Sc.), and Management and Strategy (MBA) as well as professional certifications in Information Systems (I.S.P.), Business Analysis (CCBA, CBAP), IT Service Management (ITIL), and Project Management (CAPM). He is motivated to help businesses solve their problems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Bally is currently a Product & Service Development Manager at SecurTek and Senior Management Consultant at Uppal Consulting Services

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