Brad Almond

Hobart, Tasmania

Brad Almond

Hobart, Tasmania

...and aspiring writer, and father, and a member of the daily grind of monotony - yet breaking out in my own little way.

And slightly loopy.

I'm a seasoned quiz master, having hosted large-scale trivia events during the hectic and competitive Edinburgh 'festival season' (Fringe Festival; Comedy Festival).

I'm now based in Hobart, where I've been regularly hosting quiz nights. I've compiled quizzes for the Statewide Evenings show on ABC local radio and compiled and MC'd quizzes for the Australian Beureu of Statistics and other organisations.

Combining wit and style and my unsatiable curiosity, I research and write all of my own questions and deliver them in a unique and funny style. Urgh. I hate writing that I'm funny, but audiences do laugh so I can assume that. Still, I think I need a shower after that sentence. Icky.

I am avaliable to hire, or you can come along to my monthly quiz, the Quiz-A-Saurus at The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart.

I have gained First Class Honours from the University of Tasmania in researching morality engines within video games. An offbeat topic, but one that needs to be addressed as video games are becoming more and more entrenched into modern, mainstream society (let's face it, even your grandmother probably plays Candy Crush).

I have performed stand up comedy in Hobart, at over 7 comedy rooms. I believe I would have performed about 20-40 sets during my time as a comedian. Ouchies.

I have also been a radio producer, an insurance salesman, mobile phone salesman, life insurance salesman. I now need to find a way to rectify world peace to balance out my karma.

Atheist, thinker, believer of the absurdity of life - and lover of coincidence and quirkiness, nerd, geek, tall and bearded, overuser of punctuation and run on sentences I am so sorry this whole paragraph is way to long I'd get rid of half the information whoa I've slipped into stream of conciousness voice I should probably just stop typi

  • Work
    • University of Tasmania
  • Education
    • BA, Journalism Media & Comm. and Hist., Hons FC in JMC