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Stavros Balodimas

Born and raised in Haidari, the most beautiful suburb of Athens. Studied Musicology in Athens University and my Master's Degree is Educational Management. I work as High School Music Teacher since 1999 and I speak Greek, English and Italian. In the mean time, I've worked as a Venue Manager at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Since 2012 I'm the Principal of the 5th Ilion High School. Elected member of Haidari City Council since 2006 and former Vice Mayor of Educational Affairs in Haidari. Huge sports fan and since 2003, member at the board of administration at our local football club, Haidari F.C. I strongly believe to people's creativity, I support and encourage the partecipation in local affairs and I'm offering my time and energy to transform Haidari to a modern and functional suburb. Since 2007, I'm the husband of Katerina and father of 2 little angels . You will find me almost every day somewhere in Haidari... Email: