Balram Organic Bio Fertilizer

"Balram Organic Bio Fertilizers" are one of the best modern tools for agriculture. We provided best mixture of Plant Fertilizers, Liquid Bio Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers and Agricultural Fertilizers. It is a gift of our modern agricultural science. Bio Fertilizers are applied in the agricultural field as a replacement to our conventional fertilizers. Conventional fertilizers contain compost household wastes and green manure. Those are not as effective as chemical fertilizers. So, farmers often try to use chemical fertilizers in the field for crop development. But obviously the chemical fertilizers are not environment friendly. They are responsible for water, air and soil pollution and can spread cancer causing agents. Moreover, they may destroy the fertility of the soil in a long run.

Our team have developed organic Bio Fertilizers to prevent pollution and to make this world healthy for everybody in a natural way. Organic Bio Fertilizer contains microorganisms which promote the adequate supply of nutrients to the host plants and ensure their proper development of growth and regulation in their physiology. Living microorganisms are used in the preparation of Bio Fertilizer. Only those microorganisms are used which have specific functions to enhance plant growth and reproduction. There are different types of microorganisms which are used in the Bio Fertilizer. Some microorganisms are convert the elements into available form for plants which were residual in soil. Organic Bio Fertilizer being essential components of Organic farming play vital role in maintaining long term soil fertility and sustainability. It is a best gift to nation and generations to come.