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Do not be afraid to greasy creams
The most important winter humidification by greasing, cosmetics with an exclusive irrigation will not work on cold days because they do not protect against the cold, and in addition quickly evaporate.
For longer active ingredients remained in the skin, you must "lock" the protective barrier. Therefore, winter fat cream should contain: ceramides, vegetable oils, cholesterol, waxes and fatty acids, and hence building components of the lipid layer, which prevents evaporation of water from the epidermis.
In addition, we used preparations rich in vitamin A (supports the process of renewal of the epidermis), E (improves skin hydration and firmness of the skin), B5 (soothes irritation and inflammation). To this we add flavonoids (protection of blood vessels), hyaluronic acid and glycerin (intensely hydrate and bind water molecules).
Remember about filters
When you use filters? If disabling the summer, on the beach, doing a mistake, harmful radiations not idle in winter. If you're going to ski, to a set of winter equipment dopakuj a decent supply of cosmetics with sunscreen factor such as the beach.
UV radiation is more intense in the mountains, and the risk increases as a result of the reflection of sunlight from the snow - explains the aesthetic dermatologist.

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