Balwinder singh

Some people are wondering what made me bapatised?......... I become bapatised because I would stay sick alot and once I got bapatised, I don't stay sick that much now. There is really power in it! I used to wonder if I will be able to quit meat and eggs and there you go, I did that! quitting egs and meat was a diifficult task for me, yet now I'm used to it. Thus, I think that if guru ji did so much and sacarfised their lifes, I should do something too. Everyday in college, I see people smoking and always wish that they can quit. I'm Punjabi and within my own eyes, I saw Punjabi people smoking. If more people indeed gets bapatsied, it will influnce them quit that stuff. I believe that we as a family need to stand off and stop people from the stupid life they are living by smoking and all that and make a difference! One person can't do everything... Anyways, I was born in Merced and raised in Livingston. I use to live by happy until my grandpa died last year. He always wanted me to do something good in life and that is another reason why I got bapatised. Always be a leader in life, don't be a follower! Once I finish college, I want to become a police officer and make a difference in the city I grew up in. (Livingston) I wnat to create a program where I will go to schools and talk to kids about drugs and everything... ANyways, if you want to know, just hit me up :) ............. ignore grammer mistakes, typing this really fast :P