Bamboo Rings

Scheduled release for novel, Bamboo Rings by D. K. Christi, is December 11, 2014.

The first in the Bamboo series, Bamboo Rings sets the backstory for the already published and best selling Ghost Orchid by D. K. Christi.

Set in the exotic and historical beauty of South Korea, Bamboo Rings pulses with passion, the agony and ecstasy of an unrequited love that threads through adventures across the globe.

Melani is caught without a visa in Baghdad and terrified by the tombs of Egypt but finds beauty in the Middle East and the still, green sea.

A stand alone novel, Bamboo Rings answers the questions that plague readers of Ghost Orchid who want to know more.

Three worlds collide as Melani traverses the U.S. military life at Yongson, the ex-patriot life in her home on Embassy Row, and the lives of South Koreans under threat of invasion from North Korea.