Joshua Bamford

Student, Musician, and Psychologist in Vienna, Austria

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My current occupation is that of an academic nomad. I’m an Australian, currently residing in Austria, after spending two years in Finland. Since moving to Europe, I have taken every opportunity to attend conferences and meet with researchers of interest. These travels have been guided by a desire to understand how music and dance evolved as human behaviours. I have a background in evolution theory (through my parents, who are biologists and who have always, quite literally, taken their work home with them), and have studied both music and psychology at university level. Throughout my studies I have held numerous ‘odd jobs’, including performing as both an opera singer and juggler (usually not at the same time), arts management, tutoring and research assisting. The opportunity to work with many fine researchers has been a privilege.

  • Work
    • Bamford Consulting Ecologists
  • Education
    • University of Western Australia
    • University of Jyväskylä