Bernardo Amorim

Bernardo Dornellas Cysneiros Gomes de Amorim born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on the 3rd of February in 1992. Soon he was leaving Rio to live in a small city into the mountains: Teresópolis.

He was 12 when he get in touch with computer programming. His first program was a dice roller written in Javascript. Time has passed and he tried hard to learn more and more, but unfortunately, Teresópolis wasn't a good place to learn those kind of skills, but the internet was there for it.

When he was 18 he moved to Rio de Janeiro to study Electronic and Computing Engineering in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and then he was about to learn more about computing in one year than he learned in 6 years.

In his first semester he started researching at Parallel Computing Laboratory (LCP). This experience changed the way he looked at computer programs. Now he wasn't anymore a child that learned Javascript and PHP, he was becoming a real developer.

In 2012 he started learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails at, and since then, he is a passionate ruby developer.