Ben Sheehy

Raleigh nc

I'm a worker in the field of construction, more specifically in the manufacture of stairs and railing. I specialize in all types of welding ; steel, aluminum and stainless steel. I started in a welding company in 1992 and since I perfected day by day. My job has allowed me to discover that I have manual skills and highlight them.

To me every contract is not only a contract but image of myself also. Before completing a project, I must be satisfied as if all I did for me.

Now I would like to introduce our company which is a continuation of what I've always done, but the difference today is that we have a responsibility to the company.

Bampro is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of stair and railings. Our expertise also affects welding and repair of existing component.

Whether steel, aluminum or stainless steel, we can advise you on the best solution at the best price. We also offer solution for improving your stairs exist. Whatever your project, we have a slogan that represents us : ''You want it, we do it''

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