Bamzigi Zigi

Musician, Music producer, and Music Studio CEO & Owner in Nairobi, Kenya

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Hey Guys,

I'm Bamzigi, my friends (the few) call me Bamzi or Zigi. I'm in my middle 30's, single 6ft tall, live alone and I'm a superhero, comic reading collecting super geek. (Not ashamed at all)

I'm a recording music artist, music producer, radio host, CEO and owner of the 3050 Muzik Group Studio's in Nairobi, Kenya.

My social media handles are pretty simple, for all major accounts find me on @Bamzigi ,that's it. I try to keep it simple with no underscores, or numbers, or fancy signs etc, just one name (Stage name anyway). If you wanna find out my real name and get on the serious tip then I suggest you click on the "Professional" bio section.

I'm down to earth, loving ,caring( too caring some say), a tad bit loud, smart, great sense of humour, God fearing, nature loving type of guy.

My main love and passion is music though and IbelieveGod gave me this talent to make music and itwouldbe an insult to him and to myself if I don't use it somehow and it would be an insult to anyone that doesn't use theirs as well don't you think?

I also do charity work and work with drug addicts, I specialise with heroin addicts in particular, and I'm partly responsible for having mygovernment(Kenya) open free methadone ( A drug that cures heroin urges) clinics throughout the country. Ialsodo one on onecounselingand talks and I'm always spreadingawarenesswheneverI can and using my status as an established entertainer to my advantage to doso.

I'm regarded as apioneermusic artist in my country and I'm proudly responsible for 1st helping establish the music industryinfrastructurein Kenya , 2nd I I'm very proud to have contributed and created a musical style and genre which is formerly known as "The Bounce" which is basically a blend of EDM music slowed down to 92-94 BPM and fused with Kenyan Hip-Hop music. The style basicallyinfiltratedevery aspect of the music sceneinAfrica and is to this dayrecommendedby artists instudiosall over Africa. This was doneata time (2003) when making Hip-Hop funkyanddanceableas a very big risk for fear of being called a sellout and ridiculed but I did it anyway for like I said earlier Ihavepassion and love for music.

Thirdly (and currently still working on it) is my "Creme dela creme" to my industry and the world, which comes as a style and genre of music I created in 2009 where I basically took my favourite genres and fused them all together creating a style of music which I called "Mizuk

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