Giannis Banakos

Athens Greece

Giannis was born and raised in Athens, where he is currently living and working in Advertising by designing his customers’ digital campaigns. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a mad scientist and later on went to study in Italy to pursue this goal. In the process, he was won over by technology, the media and communications. He is a multifaceted personality with an eye on design and style, and is considered an avid expert in Social Networks and electronic communications. He is an Apple products enthusiast and an all-around electronic gadget connoisseur. Being half-Cretan, he loves to visit the Island of Crete, while his ideal summer vacation is the Island of Lefkada with its magical beaches. In the future, Giannis plans to visit New York with his camera in hand, to record and imprint his vision of the Big Apple for all eternity. His visual concerns and expression of creativity are expressed by his profound love for Photography and absolutely adores the Cinema. He sports an eloquent sense of humor which embellishes his daily life and that of others. With Greek being his mother tongue, Giannis is also fluent in English and Italian. Personal quote: “Beauty can be found even on a pebble at the beach!” “La bellezza può essere trovata anche su un ciottolo al mare!” In a film based on Giannis’ life, the starring role would definitely be played by James Bond!