Michele Brenton

Poet, Storyteller, and Photographer in Wales, United Kingdom

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Michele Brenton was born in Swansea, South Wales and shares her birth day and place with another Swansea poet, Dylan Thomas. She spent some time living on the Greek island of Kefalonia as did another poet, Lord Byron. She has lived longer than they managed and been happily married for twenty-five years so far.

She writes poetry and is delighted, surprised and honored each time her work is included in a publication. It happened first in 2001 when the poem 'Enemies' got into the 'When the Teacher Isn't Looking' anthology published by Pan Macmillan and most recently in 2015 with the inclusion of a short story in 'Slim Volumes 3 - This Body I Live In an anthology edited by Kate Garrett-Nield.
Brenton's ebook Fifty Shades of Blue - the trilogy, a rhyming parody of the runaway bestselling trilogy by E.L. James was released in the first week of July 2012 and did very well in the bestselling Kindle poetry list, including a couple of long stints as number one. An animated version voiced by the poet: Fifty Shades of Blue - the animation by Michele Brenton can be found on Youtube and a full colour comic book version illustrated using clay models is also available for sale - entitled 50 Shades in Clay.

Three books of her seven book series the 'Alternative Poetry Books' (the Yellow edition, the Pink edition and the Blue edition) published by Endaxi Press can be found boynging in and out of the Amazon poetry bestsellers lists like demented toddlers on a bouncy castle.

As banana_the_poet she was voted the most popular human poet by the Twitter community in the Shorty Awards 2011. She can be found on Twitter as @banana_the_poet and Michèle Brenton's Poetry Page is on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MicheleBrentonPoetry