Julia Carres

I'm Julia. I was born July 20th, 1996 so I'm 18 years old currently.

I don't care for labels too much, but I consider myself asexual/demi-sexual if I had to say something. I do consider myself a girl so she/her pronouns.

I love and appreciate my friends and family. I value being happy and positive, but I tend to to have problems sometimes with my emotions. I have big highs and lows and I don't like to talk about my feelings much so forgive me if I'm ever really vague with what I'm talking about because it's usually my way of expressing it.

Free!twitter let me meet a lot of amazing people and understand things that I didn't before and even though there were some things I would like to forget, I don't regret joining. I don't know if I'll return to my rin acc normally again but its @rinluvr69 in case any of you didn't already know.

@bananaluvr69 is my public personal twitter acc that I'm mainly on most of the time. I have a private where I express a little bit more of my feelings than I would on my personal. You can dm me for it if we're close/friends.