Banc de Binary

A private trading and investment firm, Banc De Binary offers binary option trading technology and financial services to its worldwide customers. Operating in over 80 countries, Banc De Binary serves customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The trading and investment firm specializes in online binary trading on scores of assets from around the world.

Banc De Binary started to offer online trading solutions at the height of the global economic crisis occurring during the late 2000s. While international markets suffered, Banc De Binary provided an innovative trading model that brought together global brokerage operations teams to meet the needs of a variety of market segments, including the private, financial, commercial, and banking sectors. The introduction of an online trading platform allowed Banc De Binary to augment the brokerage world with an online, 24/7, digital trading platform, operating in real time.

A Wall Street firm, Banc De Binary employs a talented group of financial consultants and IT specialists to present customers with an online trading and investment firm customized to their needs. Private banking institutions, online brokerage firms, international financial services companies, and individual customers can all use Banc De Binary to conduct online investment and trading transactions.

Oren Laurent, Chief Executive Officer, leads Banc De Binary. Possessing expertise in banking, ecommerce, and international hedging and trading, Mr. Laurent plays a prominent role in implementing the strategies that have promoted Banc De Binary as a global leader in binary options. The executive team also includes Reno Breen, Vice President of Technology; Shay Berka, Chief Financial Officer; Jack Caine, Customer Relations Executive; and Sam Martin, Public Relations Executive. To ensure quality financial investments and trades, Banc De Binary also employs an expert team of senior financial analysts and senior brokers to meet the needs of its customers.