Rasika L. Bandara

Born in Kuliyapitiya,Sri Lanka 1988.Grew up & live in Kandy.

love to be with true friends, blogging, reading, watching movies and go around.like to be busy but no exams ;)

Im a compatible software where can run in any platform no virus will attack unless it's deadly.

I got my friends mainly from

Student @ St.Sylvester's College Kandy(1993-2006).

Special Higher Diploma @ Infortec International Kandy(2006).

Advanced Diploma @ Wisdom(National Computer Project,2006).

Graduate at Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya(2007-2011) with major Chemistry,Statistics and Computer Science.

Chess Player(1995-2011).Selected to National Chess Pool in 2003,2008 and 2010.

Software Engineer at Assette Software (Pvt)Ltd(2011-2014).

Software Engineer at 99xTechnology (2014-2015).

Software Development Manager at Osmium (Pvt) Ltd (present).