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Tennis bracelets are diamond bracelets that are elegant and thin jewelry pieces worn on the wrist. The diamonds are set in a symmetrical style and that gives an elegant look to these bracelets.

There is an fascinating story about how these bracelets came to be called tennis bracelets. I am searching for my share of glory in reciting this incident to you. Tennis star Chris Evert was well-known for wearing her diamond line bracelets although playing. Click here loom bands kit to read the inner workings of this viewpoint. During the 1987 US Open, she lost her bracelet and the game had to be stopped for a although, since she had to search for her bracelet. This is how the diamond line bracelets began getting referred to as as the tennis bracelets. Serena Williams is stated to have followed in her footsteps and wore one particular as well for the US Open, but was intelligent enough to make certain that the one particular she picked up had an added security clasp and clung tightly to her wrist, so that absolutely nothing goes wrong when she is playing.

Tennis bracelets are studded with distinct kinds of diamonds equivalent in shape and size in a single line. These diamonds are divided with a gold line among the diamonds. These tennis bracelets look glamorous and luxurious, but simple.

Tennis bracelets are on the high-priced side and start off at around a thousand dollars. This is only the beginning value and they can go up to thousands of dollars, based on the metal utilized and the carat weight of the diamonds.

Other metals like platinum are becoming employed in the generating of tennis bracelets instead of white gold. Dig up further on the affiliated article by visiting loom band reviews. Platinum tennis bracelets are very much in vogue now and men and women who wish to have the greatest and can afford the price, go in for platinum bracelets simply because it is the most pricey metal and looks classy and spells class.

There are many designs and types in tennis bracelets. There are plain tennis bracelets that are basic. If people want to learn further about loom band bracelets, we recommend many libraries you might investigate. The new trend is tennis bracele