Hi my name is DeShawn my performer name is BANDZ. In my free time i love to write lyrics and play football. I have been coming to a place called sunset youth services since April 2013. Upstar Records is a youth lead recording label where I go to for studio time so I can be in the booth to release my flows. for my career goals I want to obtain an contract as a recording arist and be a football player. i admire a few people but the top three people are my Grandama, lil Niqo and Big Sean. I think Im different form other people because Im a young kid trying to make his way to the top because i do what i need to do when it have to be done. When Im able to get a contract i will love to perform at madison square garden. That has been my dream forever. Everytime i look in the mirror, I see a young man doing good in life.