Ankush Banerjee

Kerala, India

In the simplest words, I am a student of literature, poetry, art history and psychology. I squeeze in a bit of time to travel here and around, and even catch a film that may leave an aftertaste requiring the the help of words to make sense of [as if the images weren't enough!].

I feel all Life is an endeavour to find meaning, and through that, happiness, and vice versa. Love, family, work, passions, travel, art and mostly all essential human endeavour is a step towards that end, if that maybe termed as ‘an end’ at all. Because as with good fiction, and with life, something more is just waiting around the corner. Turn the page, walk the line, give into emotion, surrender to a tear, die laughing, embrace, fall, learn, unlearn and then walk again. Such is life.

Cheers to Life and Cheers to We the Living!

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