Ngo Thao Tram

Thủ Dầu Một

My full name is Ngo Thao Tram. I was born in 1993 in Thu Dau Mot, Vietnam, a center of Binh Duong province. Currently, I am a junior of business at the Eastern International University, which is also located in Binh Duong. My university is the first college, which requires all of business students using English as a main language. The majority of curriculums in there is based on international standard where I study not only the knowledge about my major, but also necessary skills and understandings in favor of building up a solid fundamental.

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    • THCS Chu Văn An, Bình Dương
    • THPT Tư Thục Nguyễn Khuyến
    • EIU
    • nguyen khuyen high school