Fire Lord in China

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hello all! welcome to my ask account. here is some info and ground rules.

1. NO SHIP HATE/DISCOURSE. This account is a safe space. I will answer any asks regarding ships.

2. All answers are drawn by me. mostly they will be undetailed scribbles, but it's all for shits and giggles. Occasionally I'll upload a full piece, but mostly just little things.

3. Occasionally I'll post other art to boost artists or fanfics etc. if you want it taken down, message me directly.

4. Respect my headcanons. I have some strong beliefs about zuko as a character and I am not interested in arguing.

5. I also role-play! If you're interested, shoot me a DM.

6. I will answer asks for other atla characters, but let's mostly stick to zuko, okay?

7. Please please please be nice to everyone. It isn't difficult.

8. God please don't ask for shout outs. I'll shout people who I think deserve it.

9. I also take art requests, but only surrounding atla requests. If you're interested in more of my artwork, check out @BaSingSes on instagram.

How does this account work?

Simple! Basically ask zuko a question in the comments or on my this crush, and you will get an answer in the form of a drawing! Don't be shy, you can ask anything. If you have questions for the admin, shoot a dm.

Lets have fun! 🔥